The Birds and The Bees

Birds and the Bees - Media Image

Help students learn the basics of animal reproduction, with the aim to learn about:

  • Understanding the process of growth in animals
  • Exploring different lifecycles and parenting techniques of animals
  • Discovering different birth processes

As a fun engaging activity, we have provided a worksheet to get students thinking about the baby names of individual animals.

If you really want to challenge your students, we’ve also made a step-by-step sheet on how to make a nest box for birds.

Documents are suitable for all Primary ages with adaptations listed where necessary.

Did you know? We offer a "Birds and the Bees" session for Milton Keynes Primary Schools in our parks! Click here to find out more and to book. 

  • The Mute Swan can live to over 20 years old.

    The oldest recorded wild swan was 26 years old but in captivity they have lived longer still.

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