Visitors can take part in a variety of organised watersports sessions at two of the lakes we care for in Milton Keynes. Find out more about what’s on offer below.

Willen Lake

Experience the thrill of Willen Lake, Milton Keynes' most popular park. With activities both on and off the water, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful setting. Visitors can enjoy introductory sessions in paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. If you’re looking for regular practice they run various clubs and you can even complete professional qualifications for your chosen sport.

Caldecotte Lake

Join any of the three local watersports clubs operating from the Watersports Centre at Caldecotte Lake South or join the Action for Youth programme, The Caldecotte Xperience, on the north lake where they offer a variety of exciting adventure activities, as well as learning experiences for young people.

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