Broughton Brook Magna Park

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    About Broughton Brook Magna Park

    Broughton Brook Magna park is an area of parkland bordering the Magna Park industrial estate. We have recently taken over management of this section of attractive parkland off the Erwood roundabout, with plans to take over further areas in future.

    This is a lovely area of parkland that is well worth a visit for a taste of the countryside. Despite being close to the M1 and an industrial estate, Broughton Brook Magna Park has a thriving wildlife population. At the top of the park, close to the fields which run alongside the M1, you may see hares, three different species of deer and foxes. The lake is a good place to see birds, and this can be walked around within about 20 minutes. Look out for wild flowers as well as the different types of trees that can be found around the edge of the industrial estate; you may spot pines, firs and cedars.

    Broughton Brook Park can be found at the top of the parkland; when the new parkland has been developed you will be able to walk along this section into the existing Broughton Brook Linear Park. Private fishing licensed by MKAA is permitted onsite for bailiffs only.


    There are no public toilets in the park. There are customer toilets at Tesco Extra at Kingston (approx. 20 min walk). There is a small public car park off Erwood roundabout. But please note: there is a height barrier in place which will impact any vehicles above 2 metres.


    Hard surfaced gravel paths around the whole path. No gates or steps. Max. gradient 2.2%

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