Model Yachts

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Radio model yachts, also known as RC (radio-controlled) model yachts, are miniature sailboats operated via remote control. These intricate models mimic the design and function of full-sized yachts, featuring adjustable sails and rudders that allow for precise navigation and manoeuvring.  Enthusiasts of RC model yachts often gather for competitive racing, where skilful handling and strategic decisions are crucial to success. Crafted from lightweight and durable materials like fibreglass or carbon fibre, these yachts can be sophisticated and highly detailed.


Two Islands Radio Yacht Club

The Two Islands Radio Yacht Club was formed in late 1992 by a small group of skippers who were mainly interested in sailing and racing the radio controlled six metre class. This class has now been superseded by the International One Metre class – IOM. The club then developed racing for the laser class and some members sail this class regularly. The programme is now split with IOM's to include handicap racing as well as scratch.

During the club's history, they have hosted a number of important events including national championships and regional heats and continue to do so.  They have a strong programme of competitive events on Sundays but also sail on Wednesday afternoons with a more casual approach to the sport!

The club is affiliated to the Model Yachting Association, the national body that develops and controls the sport in the UK. The club have use of have excellent sailing water at Furzton Lake between the two islands on the south side of the lake, with a variety of courses available for use.

If you are interested in the sport of model yacht racing please come along to the lake on a Sunday, make yourself known, and they will be pleased to help in any way possible. Alternatively, email the club secretary at

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