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Hibernation - an extended period where an animal is inactive


Discuss with student’s what hibernation is, why animals hibernate and when they hibernate.

In the resource ‘Hibernation (KS1&2)’, our aim is to teach students about:

  • Developing scientific language including terms "hibernation" and "torpor"
  • Learning which animals hibernate for winter, and those who don’t.
  • Understanding how and why animals build nests and dens
  • Exploring their creative writing

Follow up this activity, with colouring in a squirrel and learning a quick fact about them, to get them thinking about animals that hibernate in winter. In addition, get them to build a nest for a bird after they’ve learned and understood why animals build nests.

Documents are suitable for all Primary ages with adaptations listed where necessary.

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  • Hedgehogs Hibernate

    Hedgehogs are nocturnal mammals, coming out at night to feed. They are active between March and October each year, hibernating during the chilly winter months.

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