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About Kingsmead

Enjoy a delightful escape into the wilderness of Kingsmead, a small area of parkland and woodland that connects to the rest of Milton Keynes' innovative system of parks through Tattenhoe and Westcroft. Ideally situated for residents nearby, this biodiversity gem boasts a well-maintained play area in the southwest, entertaining children of all ages.

While Kingsmead may be a modest woodland, its conversation value is immense. Presumed to be a remnant of ancient woodland with centuries-old veteran Oak and Ash trees, this small section holds significant ecological importance. During survey work undertaken in 2017, a rare species of Beetle was discovered as an example of its richness in wildlife. The area is a haven for amphibians and reptiles, where sightings of grass snakes are not uncommon. Noctule Bats are also known to roost in the wood.


No dedicated car parks are available at the wood, although parking is available on nearby residential streets. Public toilets aren't available.


The paths in the spinney itself are relatively flat and easy to traverse. However, many of the kerbs into the parkland are not dropped, which could make disabled access difficult.

Explore parks nearby

  • Tattenhoe Valley

    Tattenhoe Valley Park runs like a thread from Furzton Lake through Emerson Valley, Tattenhoe and Tattenhoe Park, following the meanderings of the Loughton Brook until it leaves Milton Keynes at Bottledump Roundabout.

  • Howe Park Wood

    Howe Park Wood is an ancient woodland in the south west of Milton Keynes near Westcroft and Tattenhoe which boasts a rich variety of wildlife and fantastic on site facilities including toilets, a café and a small play area.

  • Furzton Lake

    Furzton Lake’s open views make it a popular choice for joggers, cyclists and walkers. Created to act as a basin for floodwaters during rainy spells, the lake has matured into a peaceful oasis for local residents and wildlife to enjoy.

Facilities at Kingsmead
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