Endangered Species

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Help further your student’s knowledge about how animals become endangered and the ways we can prevent them from becoming extinct. Get your students involved in discussions around endangered species, as well as looking at the different charities and organisations that help prevent extinction and challenge them to research an endangered species in the UK.

Get started by getting them involved in our ‘Endangered Species (KS2)’ resource, with the aims to learn about:

  • Developing scientific language terms, such as "conservation", "endangered" and "extinct"
  • Discovering endangered species of the UK
  • Exploring conservation opportunities that can be done in school or at home

Follow up this lesson with one of our creative activities, where students can expand their imagination. Colour in a great crested newt or learn how to build a mini pond, there are plenty of options down below for students to interact with.

Documents are suitable for all Primary ages with adaptations listed where necessary.

Did you know? We offer an "Endangered Animals & Their Habitats" session for Milton Keynes Primary Schools in our parks! Click here to find out more and to book. 

  • Did you know

    Since the 1500s, we have lost 133 species on our islands, and 41% of all remaining species have declined since the 1970s

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