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About Shenley Wood

Enjoy an enchanting walk through Shenley Wood, an ancient woodland dating back to the Domesday survey of 1086, revealing traces of Saxon and Roman settlements. Teeming with several Ash and Oak trees, with lively hazel bushes below, this woodland is rich in history and natural beauty. Perfect for a day out, Shenley Wood is an excellent destination for a picnic in the woods, with a wide range of seats, tables and benches. In the Summer months, the meadow near the west-side car park transforms into a blossoming haven, offering a tranquil spot to relax amongst the wildflowers.

South and East of Shenley Wood, The Parks Trust also maintains several ponds created in the residential area to collect rainwater and provide essential habitats for wildlife. These additions not only enrich the ancient woodland's ecosystem but also connect it to neighbouring green spaces.

Nearby, visitors can find Shenley Toot, a captivating pasture area steeped in history as a scheduled ancient monument. Once a moated motte and bailey castle dating back to 1239 AD, the earthworks resemble the remains of 18th-century manor gardens.


The woods are a fantastic place to see wildlife. In Spring and early Summer, there is an array of colours from bluebells, celandines and wood anemones flowers. Autumn paints the woodland floor with the magical arrival of Fungi while elusive creatures like foxes, muntjac deer and badgers appear across the landscape. Keep an eye out above for the diverse birdlife that can be spotted along the woodland canopy. The ponds created have also been established to provide a protected habitat for Great Crested Newts.

As a reminder, we ask all dog walkers to please keep their pets on leads during the breeding season (March to September).


One car park for the site is located off Merlewood Drive, just east of V2 Tattenhoe Street. There are no public toilets in the park.


A hard surface path around the wood's edge and a short circular hard-surfaced path within it exists. These provide good access for wheelchairs and buggies, although some may find the slope up the northern side of the wood to be a bit steep. The interior tarmac path also has textured paving at each seat to assist the partially sighted visitor. The rest of the paths in the wood are soft surfaces, generally bark chips or grass. These should be moderately accessible for wheelchairs in dry weather.

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