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The benefits of working out in the great outdoors are numerous enhancing both physical and mental well-being.  By joining an outdoor fitness class or working out on your own, you can promote a sense of calm while enjoying beautiful parkland, exercising both body and mind.  There are many opportunities for joining a fitness class in Milton Keynes parkland from group bootcamps and running clubs to outdoor yoga and nordic walking instruction. 

The groups listed below are licenced to operate fitness sessions in our parks.  Alternatively, visit the Walking and Running pages or download a walking trail from the resources section of this site. And don’t forget to take a look at the events calendar for a wide range of other outdoor activities you can take part in.

Fitness Class Instructors

We have many operators in our parks from intensive military style bootcamps to one-to-one fitness tuition and all fitness classes and bootcamps must be licenced to operate in our parks. 

For instructors thinking about using the parks as a venue, information can be found here about applying for a licence.

  • Did you know we have 4 Trim Trails in our parks?

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  • Did you know we have licensed fitness instructors who operate in our parks?

  • Did you know we have upgraded the Fitness Trail around Willen Lake South?

    The new calisthenics equipment is designed to utilise the users own weight to maximise their workout, using angles and height to vary the intensity of the workout.

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