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Help students learn about habitats and how important they are for animals.

The aim of the activities is to provide students knowledge about:

  • Understanding the different types of habitats that are found both around the world and in the UK
  • Discovering the needs of different animals and how habitats can meet these
  • Learning how humans have an impact on habitats and how we can help animals

The learning doesn't stop there, as there are crafting activities that help students visualise different animals’ habitats, these are: Learn how to make a nest box for birds, a mini pond and a terrific terrarium.

There are also colouring in page activities of badgers and waterfowls in their natural habitat for students to enjoy!


Documents are suitable for all Primary ages with adaptations listed where necessary.

Did you know? We offer a "Minibeasts & Habitats" session for Milton Keynes Primary Schools in our parks! Click here to find out more and to book. 

  • A passion for Wildlife

    The Parks Trust have a dedicated biodiversity team which monitor and protect habitats of rare and critically endangered species across Milton Keynes.

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