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Get students to become fascinated about the ever-changing world around them and how it affects the natural world in the activities provided.

The aims to learn in this topic are:

  • Understanding the seasons of the year in the UK
  • Identifying a few countries that do not experience the same seasonality as the UK
  • Discovering how plants and animals adapt to different seasons
  • Exploring seasonal plants and animals

There are also plenty of fun, interactive activities that students can participate in. Learn how to make a weather station, find the beautiful colours that are found in autumn with the challenge provided or expand their creativity in the squirrel colouring page.

Below there are many resources for EYFS/KS1/KS2 to get involved in.

Did you know? We offer "Seasons & Senses" and "Seasonal Walk" sessions for Milton Keynes Primary Schools in our parks! Click here to find out more and to book. 

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