Brooklands: Ripple

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The Ripple play area is located in the estate of Brooklands, in the parkland just off Saxonia Boulevard. The play area has a great mix of equipment that caters for young children and those up to around the age of 12.

There are several wooden carved animals hidden around the site and willow archways to run through. There is a large climbing tower with a slide, a basket swing, crawl tunnel, a large rocking boat and many other pieces of equipment to cater for different age groups.

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  • Brooklands Meadow Park


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    While The Parks Trust maintains Brooklands Meadow Park it is not yet officially our land and is currently owned by Places for People. A modern, well thought out flood retention site with a dam structure, it ensures the surrounding houses don’t flood in times of heavy rain. As the area develops, there are plans for this park to link up with the other linear parks nearby.