Team Challenges & Survival Skills (KS2)

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Our Outdoor Learning Team are fully equipped and specially trained to deliver sessions about how to survive in the wild, and how to get creative whilst doing it!

There are a number of skills that we can teach including foraging, water filtration, shelter building, fire lighting and natural navigation. Your group will also explore their team building skills in a range of communication and coordination-focussed tasks.

Please note that activities will vary depending on location and season. Get in touch today to find out what we can offer, when we can offer it and where it can take place.

How does this session link to the National Curriculum? (Key Stage 2)
  • Developmental and interpersonal skills including team work, self-confidence, resilience and problem solving.
  • Understanding the world around us, including traditional survival techniques.
  • Understanding how humans can impact their environment and how The Parks Trust work.

Download the session plan here

If you would like to speak to a member of the Outdoor Learning team, please contact us on 01908 233600 or

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