Junior Park Rangers

    Free club for Primary Schools 

    Junior Park Rangers is a Primary School based programme supported by the Parks Trust. Each school can recruit up to 10 children from years 4-6 to take part. We need a co-ordinator within the school to meet with the group once a month to share the activities and help the children take part in environmental challenges.

    The Parks Trust provide the resources, free JPR baseball caps, and run free workshops in the Parks for the Junior Park Rangers to attend. There is no cost to the school or parents. Workshops are on weekends and do not need teachers or parents to attend.

    If you are a Primary School student who wants to join, ask your teacher if the School is involved in Junior Parks Rangers.

    If you are a teacher or support assistant based at a Primary School in Milton Keynes and are interested in JPR, please click here to find out more or contact us by emailing:outdoorlearning@theparkstrust.com or via phone on: 01908 972950/01908 233600.

    If you are ready to sign up, please click here to register.

    How can I join?

    1. A school co-ordinator in your school needs to sign up to Junior Park Rangers
    2. The co-ordinator collects the details of students who want to be Junior Park Rangers and informs the Parks Trust
    3. A link is sent to the parents of JPR students to sign up
    4. Once they are registered, Junior Park Rangers can login on our website to access the website resources, receive their baseball caps, start meeting up and register for the free workshops


    • "It gave them a sense of responsibility and wanting to ‘make a difference’ in MK”

      JPR coordinator in MK Primary

    • “It boosted the children's confidence by speaking/reading bulletins in assembly and running competitions and quizzes”

      JPR coordinator in MK Primary

    • “It spreads enthusiasm across school"

      JPR coordinator in MK Primary

    • “ JPR enriched and increased the children's environmental and wildlife knowledge through interactive Saturday workshops”

      JPR coordinator in MK Primary

    • “ …involvement with National and local environmental projects has developed a sense of belonging and contribution to important wildlife discussions”

      JPR coordinator in MK Primary