Firewood log bags

Seasoned Firewood.jpg

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to now be offering 0.91 m³ bags of seasoned hardwood firewood for delivery.

These are bags are priced at £100 each. If the bag is returned to us (at our Campbell Park office) in a usable condition, we will refund you £10.

Delivery is available to properties with access to driveways or other areas of private land within Milton Keynes. For customers who live outside Milton Keynes wanting 0.91 m³ bags firewood bags, the minimum order is 3 bags due to associated delivery time and costs.

To purchase please contact our team by emailing or phone 01908 233600. Delivery days are typically once a fortnight.

We also sell 10kg bags and 5 tonne loads, see our full firewood range here.