Can you give a talk, walk or arrange an activity for a community group?

Please follow the link on our children's activities where you will find an enquiry form to fill out. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please contact the Outdoor Learning Team via our main number (01908 233600) or email: outdoorlearning@theparkstrust.com

Can you run activities for after-school groups for children, including Guides and Scouts?

This is an activity we offer. If you have any enquiry, please fill out the form on the website. However, if you have any questions I can put you through to the one of the Outdoor Learning Team, or you can email: outdoorlearning@theparkstrust.com

What are the charges?

Children's activities are £2.50 per child for a 1.5 hour session with maximum 30 children.

Can our group use the Parks for events without booking the Outdoor Education Team?

This may be something we can offer. You will need to speak to the Events and Community Engagement team for permission.  Please follow the link for more information