Workshop: Bee bumble for beginners 24/05/2021

Workshop: Bee bumble for beginners

Starts 19:00
Prices from £5.00
Adults and accompanied children over 12 years
Booking required

Did you know we have around 270 species of bee in the UK? Don't be daunted by the task of identification, this beginners course is perfect for people who are looking to learn the basics and get to know a few of our native species. We will have a short talk before taking a stroll, or "bumble", around Linford Lakes Nature Reserve to practice identifying some common bees. 

This is a basic introduction to the natural history of bees, our history of cultivating them, the threats they face and how we can each make a difference to their survival. A fantastic opportunity to learn about some of our key pollinators!


  • Linford Lakes Nature Reserve


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    The 37 hectare site consists of a large lake, reedbeds, wet woodland and several small meadows interlaced with a number of smaller lakes and ponds. Four bird watching hides are located giving fine views of the wildlife and beautiful scenery.

    There are no refreshment facilities at Linford Lakes Nature Reserve other than during special events.