Brooklands: Lautier

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This play area is located next to Hermes Row in Brooklands and offers a great selection of equipment designed for various age groups.

There are plenty of challenging climbing frames which will allow children to test themselves whilst also offering plenty of options for less confident children.

There is equipment suited to younger kids too so this is a great destination to visit if you have children of varying age groups. There is a basketball hoop and a shelter for teens and plenty of open space to kick a football around.

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  • Brooklands Meadow Park


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    While The Parks Trust maintains Brooklands Meadow Park it is not yet officially our land and is currently owned by Places for People. A modern, well thought out flood retention site with a dam structure, it ensures the surrounding houses don’t flood in times of heavy rain. As the area develops, there are plans for this park to link up with the other linear parks nearby.